4 Signs you need a website re-design

Having an outdated website will negatively effect your businesses creditability.


web design with client in cheshire

1. Outdated visual design

No matter how well your site functions, its aesthetic is the first thing a potential customer will judge. An outdated designed website that does not reflect your brand identity will prevent customers from contacting you and you will loose trust and potential revenue.

2. Sluggish loading times

Every second a customer waits for your site to load is a second closer to them jumping ship. Thats why ensuring your website scores at least a B score on GT metrix is essential.

3. Not mobile-friendly

With over 70% of users visiting websites now comes from mobile devices its essential your website is completely responsive on all devices. If a mobile user faces a broken mess of misplaced images and dodgy text boxes, then chances are they won’t be on your site for long.

4. Poor seo

A website with poor seo means you will not be ranking highly on googles search engines. Lack of on-page and off-page seo prevents your potential customers from visiting your website and getting your business found.

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