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getting started

How it works

step 1

Select a subscription and then onboard with your Appleby Creative project manager.

step 2

Easily submit design and development tasks using the provided ClickUp task dashboard.

step 3

Collaborate seamlessly with the Appleby Creative team, view active, in-progress, and completed tasks with ease.

retainer PACKAGES

Packages tailored to scale specifically for B2B


£400 / month

Perfect for teams that need minimal updates to their Webflow site.


£800 / month

For teams that are routinely adding new pages/templates to their websites.


£4,995 / month

For teams that need new features and functionality added consistently.


Any questions?

You can add as many requests as you like each month and we will work through them with you in the priority that you and your project manager set.

The Appleby Creative team will keep you in the loop with how many hours you have used for the month. If you need more hours in a particular month you have the option to up your retainer package or be charged for overage hours for that month.

For smaller tasks turn around time is generally 1-2 days. For larger tasks—like designing and developing a new page—turn around time varies from a few days to a week.

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