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Our seo agency guarantees results for your business. We’ve helped many local businesses around Cheshire grow their online presence through seo which has generated them more website leads and sales.


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Effective Cheshire based SEO services that drive revenue for your business

SEO can only truly be learnt through practice and experience. Our expert team of seo professionals have helped multiple Cheshire based businesses get ranked on page 1 of google for popular keyword search terms.

Our agency is able to guarantee you seo results but how can we do this? From lots of failures and successes we now have a proven process that gets your website ranked on page 1 of google for popular search terms that relate to your business.

Guaranteed SEO results for your business

At Appleby Creative our clients see an increase of around 300% in traffic and leads through the website since working with us and this is why we’re seen as a true asset for their business. We love to build long-term partners with businesses committed to growing.

Ready to start your own seo growth journey?

Please get in touch with our team to find out more about our seo services, our approach to enhancing your website and marketing projects or to find out how we can help you grow your business online.

Why Choose an SEO Agency in Cheshire rather than go in-house?

We understand hiring an seo agency can be a daunting process and something you need to seriously consider internally. However on the whole training your staff to learn seo will take time and use up many resources that can potentially district the day to day running of your business. 

It is also much more cost effective for businesses to hire an seo agency than train an in-house team.

Also working with an agency like Appleby Creative can offer much more than seo. We can take an overall look at your business marketing approach and provide additional services that will help accelerate your businesses growth.

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Building long-term partnerships

5 out of 5 - based on 15+ Certified Google Reviews

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“My new website that Appleby Creative built has generated me tons of new business.”

krishna patel - founder

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“Appleby Creative has been help us to increase our website traffic from 200 a month to 4,000. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”


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“Thoroughly recommend Appleby Creative. I’ve seen a 10x return on my original investment with the business i’ve generated through my website.”

Dom Hallam - physio

Why is seo important for your business?

Search engine optimisation (seo) allows your customers to find your website for search terms that relate to your services and business.

Thousands of people will be searching for your services on a daily basis on google or other search engines. The user will only ever look on the first page maybe sometimes the second page as well but this rarely happens.

If your website is not visible enough for the user to find you when looking for your services they will never contact you because they wont know you exist.

The importance of getting your website found on google is more important than ever and this is why we help Cheshire businesses get ranked on page one through strategic and effective seo services. 

seo agency in cheshire

Our proven seo process



During our seo research phase we’ll get an understanding of the types of keywords or phrases you want to be found for as a business. Most of the time it will be the specific types of services you are offering. It’s important to identify the top top 10 or 20 keywords you want your website to be found for, as this will allow us to target all the content we produce to those specific keywords.

We will also conduct an in-depth audit of your website. This identifies keywords you are already being ranked for and flags any technical issues with your current website.


Technical SEO

Technical seo is a boring and tedious process but is the most important factor for allowing google to be able to crawl your website.

During our initial research phase we will review any bugs or errors that may be affecting your website’s speed and overall performance. Ensuring your website is running smoothly will help allow google and other search engines to crawl your website more effectively.


Content Writing

Most of the time websites are not being ranked for specific keywords because there is just not enough optimised content on the website. Google recommends a minimum of 450 words of content per page for them to crawl the website effectively.

We produce additional written content for existing website pages and new website pages that we’d recommend creating. It’s always good practice to create additional seo pages just like this one you’re currently reading which will include the specific topic. This allows us to be super specific when writing the content for a dedicated landing page. For example a kitchen fitter in Manchester would benefit from having a dedicated page on their website which talked about being a kitchen fitter in Manchester. This helps google understand and pick up the phrases you want the website to be found for.

Additionally to creating new content for web pages we will also be creating content for blogs, as google loves a good blog. Including as much relevant content as possible onto your website is essential for improving your site’s overall search engine optimisation performance. We help identify topics for the blog and write them including the keywords we want the website to be found for.


Effective link building

Building backlinks has had some negative press in the past and this is because people used to spam websites with backlinks that would improve the websites ranking position. This strategy may have worked many years ago but it definitely doesn’t anymore. Google is getting much smarter at everything every single day and thousands of spam backlinks will not improve your websites seo.

Building high quality backlinks has much more of a positive impact on your website than having thousands of useless spam backlinks from sites with low domain authority scores. We identify websites that will improve your sites domain authority score and build quality backlinks that will dramatically improve your sites seo performance.


Report & SEO Tracking

Finally, reporting and tracking on a monthly basis is essential to keeping tabs on how the seo work is performing. Aiming for the same keyword consistently is the best strategy to ensure google is not confused and allows us to track your rankings regularly.

Our clients see an instant improvement to their rankings once the above steps have been completed.

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Which SEO Tools does our agency use?

Our SEO tools have changed over the past few years. Ranging from using free and paid tools. Our agency likes to stay ahead of the times and always use the latest tech that helps our clients generate the results they deserve. 

We are experts in all of Google’s seo tools but we specifically specialise in google tag manager, google search console and google analytics. These free google tools help us analyse traffic and keyword data. Google search console is an amazing tool for getting insights for the types of keywords your website is being found for.

We use leading paid seo tools like SEM Rush and Ahrefs. Our personal in-house favorite is definitely SEM Rush. Even Though it is the most expensive tool on the market it provides the features we need to keep our clients ahead of the competition. SEM Rush allows us to track each project separately and provides us with daily reports on how our campaigns are performing.

WHAT to expect

6 Month minimum campaign

All our seo campaigns are a minimum of 6 months this is to allow us enough time to generate the required results for your website. Don’t worry though we also offer a one-month seo trial if you want to learn more about how seo works.


Faster results for more established domains

If you’ve got a brand new website (0-12months), it will take a little longer for google to rank your website and index it. Not to worry though we can assure you that we can get you their faster than any other agency can. Book a strategy call today with our friendly team.


Results based on monthly budget

Like any other type of marketing the more you invest the bigger the return. Dont expect to invest £600 and generate £60,000 back. Be ready to committee to seo for your business for the long-term and the results will be significant.

Frequently asked questions

For a brand new website you should expect to see improved traffic and leads after 9 months.

For a well established website and mature domain we’ve seen improved results in just 2 months.

SEO is definitely not a one-time service. It requires monthly management to maintain a high ranking and a high volume of traffic. While the intensity and budget with which we approach it may vary, some sort of SEO work will always be necessary in order to establish and grow your online presence.

We definitely do guarantee results!

Even Though every seo campaign will have different keywords, search volume and competition levels. We can definitely say that while working with us you will see a significant increase in traffic and leads on your site.

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